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About Code of Life

Code of Life. An integrated system that nurtures body and mind and elevates the spirit.

Hosanna De Linares. Polestar certified Pilates Master, Institute of Integrative Nutrition certified Health Coach.

Live a healthy lifestyle, live the Code of Life

Code pilates & fitness

Code Pilates & Fitness. The complete coordination of mind, body and spirit. A moving meditation. Code: Align. Breath. Flow.

Group classes, semiprivates and privates.


Shop Code wellness

Code Wellness. Nutrition plays a big role in life, not only physically but also emotionally. Eat clean, be healthy. Code: Listen to your body

Health coaching by appointment only

Shop Code Activewear

Code Activewear. The right attire will boost your confidence and increase your energy levels. Kod Wear confidence

Live life to the fullest, live the Code of Life